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What is Gor?

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Gor is a world devised by the science fiction writer John Norman.I am not going to enter into any debate about its relationship with BDSM; I know that many people in the world follow its lifestyle and prefer to call it a ‘24/7 dominance and submission lifestyle.’

I do know however that much of the BDSM concepts of servitude and slavery constitute a huge part of a ‘Gorean Lifestyle’.

What I do know is that I like John Norman’s work. I have read all his books.

I loved the Wagon People, and in book four ‘Nomads of Gor’ the description of the night between a master and his slave in his wagon,  is in my opinion,  one of the sexiest pieces of writing ever!

I like his descriptions of the slave girls and all the positions they must assume for their Master. I played ‘on-line Gor’ role play for many years, and found it quite fascinating, but I have moved on now, into the gentle side of dominance and submission.
I prefer nice simple spankings!

I hope to show you some of my Gor Art Work on this page. Over the years I have painted quite a few, some have gone to U.S.A, others to Germany, The Netherlands, and one to Japan.

I wrote  a Gorean story once, and my Gor web site reached the dizzy heights of number 3 in the Gorean top 100. The web site no longer exists, I am not sure if the top 100 list does either.

I am a Dom. I have a sub. She has submitted to me in the most beautiful way, and wears my collar.I hope to take photos of her in Gorean slave positions, and put them here for your viewing pleasure.

All slaves must have a slave name, I am going to call her Rose.

On Gor her collar would have a simple inscription. ‘Property of Asa Jones’

That would be on Gor. On Earth of course she is her own free spirit and flies wherever she wishes, and goes under the name of Charlotte, but even though, she will still wear my collar.

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