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Welcome to my
Spanking Website!


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I am Asa Jones, I write for Blushing Books, a Publishing House based in Charlottesville U.S.A.  I myself live in England.  Blushing Books specialise in spanking novels.

I also paint pictures, and exhibit regularly. This summer I will be at Chelsea Town Hall in London, pop along and meet me if you like.

I illustrate my stories and I also paint commissions for people who have naughty ideas for their bedroom, or maybe their Bawdy House walls.

I pick my favourite scenes and make them into videos: they will be available here.

Go to Asa's Spanking Blog

If you wish to contact me direct, please do so via my Twitter/X account - just click on the link above

I am happy to welcome both men and women, straight or gay, or any other identity you might give yourself. I am a free minded soul, and hope by the time you have read this far that you’ll be finding a nice warm welcome from me.

My site offers you spanking, female masturbation, and much about the female bottom. If this appeals to you, then I think you’ll like it here. There are not many men here, just me really, if you have read my stories, you’ll have met Malcolm, Quintin, and Mr Trentham. They might pop up from time to time!

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